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About FleuriFleuri




In the beginning, accessory masters used only the simplest of tools in the factory to meticulously hand-make the flower petals for our clients. As our clientele expanded, so did the orders. We have streamlined our work process and improved our production methods to meet the rising demands to ensure the quality and quantity of our products. Throughout the years, we have developed countless handcrafts – flowers, ribbons, knots, even uniquely elegant non-fabric material processing – giving us a special position in this industry.

Besides Japan, our major export market, our products are distributed all over the world because of our stellar quality and timely shipments, which is the forte of business accountability. In a market where cheap, inferior quality products are the norm and fiercely competing with one another, we intend to not only take the high road with our superior products, but also provide excellent technical support services that come along with them.

To encourage our business partners to better know our processing techniques and SOP and enjoy the high-quality service, we launched FleuriFleuri this year to engage with the world more extensively.


FleuriFleuri focuses mainly on flower petals making, design, sampling, and processing. (ODM/OEM)While we have hundreds of samples ready for your reference, your flowers can be customized with the fabric or material of your choice, so that you can add it onto your clothes, furniture, and just about anything you own in daily life. We have professional designers and processing personnel that can make your flower unique, from start to finish. Most important of all, every single petal or flower is made in Taiwan - with more stable quality and competitiveness!


FleuriFleuri products are made independently, meticulously, entirely in our own factories, ensuring each step of the processing is overseen in utmost detail, reducing the chances of copycat products coming into the markets shortly after our production.


We take pride in the concept that with a bit of tweaking here and there, life can become better and prettier. We warmly welcome you to make your tweak with us to strive for a better future!

Our accessory processing company was established almost 50 years ago. 

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